Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the catalog for the next auction sale ?

It is available here: next sale catalog.

When will the complete list of lots be available ?

Usually, this list is made available 5 days before the sale.

Where and when can I view lots listed for an auction sale ?

Lots are viewable at the Hotel des Ventes de Metz. Here is the address :

Hotel des Ventes de Metz
24, avenue du General De Gaulle
57050 Metz Le Ban Saint Martin
France (How to contact us ?)

Showrooms are open the day before the sale from 2 to 7 pm and the day of the sale from 10 to 12 am CET.

How often are auction sales held ?

At least once per month.

I am willing to sell some items. How should I proceed ?

We first have to appraise these items. To do so, you may either come and visit us at the Hotel des Ventes de Metz or send us some photographs. How to contact us ?

Do prices listed in auction results include buyer's premium fees ?

No, prices listed in auction results are hammer prices, they do not include buyer's premium fees.

Why not include buyer's fees in auction results ?

To better reflect evolutions of the Art market. Buyer's fees vary from one auction house to another, in France and worldwide. As a consequence, hammer prices are the appropriate choice to get more accurate comparisons.

Please also note that for a seller, proceeds of a sale are calculated on the basis of auction price, that is the hammer price.