Selling at auction

Do you want to sell at auction ?

Then choose Ablor and the Hotel des Ventes de Metz and get the best opportunities to succeed.


Why should I get an appraisal before selling ? To be sure to get the best price.

Should it be a unique object, a collection, a whole house furniture or a prestigious residence furniture, our experts will valuate your properties thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the Art market and of its constant evolutions.

Our specialists will appraise furniture, paintings, sculptures, carpets, collectibles, vintage wines, toys, cars and fine Art items.

Do you want to get an appraisal before selling ?

Email your photographs to :

Our experts will reply as soon as possible.


After appraisal, and once we will have agreed on the terms of the sale, your items will be exhibited in the Hotel des Ventes de Metz before being put up for auction during a live auction sale.

Why choose the Hotel des Ventes de Metz ?

Because we offer you many advantages :

  • one of the most visited antique auction website in Europe : Ablor
  • a strategic location in the heart of the European SarLorLux center
  • renowned experts to give you the most accurate appraisal
  • a main showroom of more than 7500 square feet (more than 700 m²)
  • a large free car park
  • a large furniture warehouse
  • and most important, since 1991, a continuously growing success with the public.

Selling on the Web and Ablor

Selling on the Web is a guarantee for reaching an always growing number of potential buyers throughout the world : in France of course, in Germany, in Luxembourg, in Switzerland and everywhere in Europe, in the United States, in Russia, in Australia, in China, in Japan and on a larger scale, worldwide.

With Ablor, the Hotel des Ventes de Metz has a virtual showroom that people can visit wherever they live.

Some data about Ablor :

  • for 8 years, thousands of customers around the world
  • a maximum visibility in search engines
  • a communication tool accessible to everyone
  • many auction results with photographs and freely viewable

Ablor, it is a community of people who love the Art market and auction sales.

Bernard BUFFET

Bernard BUFFET

Sold: 36 893 €

Louis XVI clock

Louis XVI clock

Sold: 22 105 €

Andre ARBUS commode

Andre ARBUS commode

Sold: 22 000 €

Very rare jardiniere with singing bird by Blaise BONTEMPS


Sold: 21 343 €